Untaming Masculinity Podcast, Episode 030 – Father Michael Butler On Religion, Masculinity…and Bodybuilding!

1 Sept 2022. [Audio only.] We live in a world where too many men have lost their way. All too often, we see men who have turned their backs on God and the church. However, a relationship with God is critical for a man to fully embrace his masculine self.

In this episode of Untaming Masculinity, Dan and Brad are joined by Father Michael Butler, Archpriest for Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church in Livonia, MI, and amateur bodybuilder.

In this wide-ranging, powerful interview, Father Michael discusses his journey to the ministry and how serving God has been paramount in his life and the lives of his family.

Father Michael goes into detail about how his work is done out of gratitude for all that God has given him and how his work has been especially focused on young men and the importance of the church in their lives. There is an influx of men finding their way to faith and the church and we discuss in detail what these men stand to gain through finding faith, including Truth, stability, accountability, and brotherhood.

We are not meant to undertake this journey alone. As men turn from themselves to others, they find their purpose and are led back to God.

Father Michael also shares how he discovered bodybuilding at the age of 53 and outlines his journey into the world of bodybuilding. Bodybuilding has positively impacted every facet of his life, including his ministry. It’s a powerful testament to it never being too late to start changing your life.


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