1-on-1 Coaching

I have a few openings for 1-on-1 coaching with motivated men who want to optimize their lives. Contact me for availability and rates. Please note: we can discuss spirituality as part of your coaching, if you want, but I cannot serve as your Spiritual Director or Spiritual Father (duhovnik / pnevmatikos).

Maniphesto Core Groups

I partner with Paul Robson of Maniphesto.com to offer men’s groups for structured accountability & personal development in North America. Groups meet once a week via Zoom. Please follow this link to the Maniphesto website for more information.

Retreats & Public Speaking

I have a number of retreats, workshops, and presentations that I can offer, both on men’s issues and religious themes.

The Cry of the Forerunner (Retreat)
Currently under construction. A close reading of the life of St John the Baptist and how he embodies fundamental themes of mature masculinity. To be offered in September, 2024.

Beloved Sons (Retreat)
Click on the title for details about the retreat when it was first presented.

The Four Virtues (Retreat/Workshop)
A 2-part, 90-minute consideration of the four classical virtues and how they are embodied physically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually.

Courage (Lecture)
A deep dive on the fundamental virtue of courage and its importance for men.

The Challenges Men Face (Lecture)
What challenges do men face in society? What role models do they see? Have the churches helped? Purity culture didn’t. Who is the young man at the door of your church? Are there signs of hope?

Solutions to the Challenges Men Face (Lecture)
What do men want, how can we assist in their healing, and what can the Church do?

How to start a men’s group in your church. (Lecture)
Just what the title says. Good for a Saturday morning breakfast meeting.

Sacred Space, Sacred Time (Lecture)
A PowerPoint presentation on the meaning and purpose of sacred space and sacred time and how they are embodied in an Orthodox temple.

The Beatitudes (Workshop/Retreat)
A 3-hour workshop on the Beatitudes. Includes participant worksheets and discussion questions.

The Entrance of the Theotokos (Workshop/Retreat)
A two-part, 90 minute retreat primarily for women about the meaning of the Feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple (21 Nov). Includes slide presentation.

The Meaning of Icons (Lecture)
Shorter presentations on various Icons offering in depth explanations of their spiritual (and sometimes their psychological) meanings. Which icons are covered TBD.

The Raising of Lazarus (Workshop/Retreat)
The raising of Lazarus is an epitome of the spiritual life. This 2-part 90-minute presentation includes an deep reading of the Gospel account, participant handout, and questions for discussion.

The Prodigal Son (Workshop/Retreat)
A 2-part, 90-minute close reading of the parable and its meaning. Includes a participant handout.

Old Pots (Lecture)
“We have this treasure in earthen vessels.” Presentation on various stories of pots in the Scripture and their meaning.

Spiritual Warfare (Lecture)
Various tactics of the enemy, the stages of temptation, and tactics for defense and counter-attack.

The Stages of Discipleship (Lecture)
The five stages of discipleship, or the five thresholds of conversion everyone goes through as they grow in faith and knowledge of Christ.

Orthodox Naturally (Lecture)
Natural Law in the Orthodox Tradition. Includes PowerPoint.

Orthodox Spirituality (Workshop/Class)
An intensive, multi-part series on Orthodox Spirituality, covering the three stages of the spiritual life, the structure of the soul, the passions and their cure, and natural contemplation. Includes participant handouts.

The Passion Narratives (Workshop/Class)
A multi-part, in depth review, comparison and discussion of the Passion Narratives in the four Gospels. Includes participant handouts.

How can I help?

Close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be. I’d love to hear from you. Please include some information about yourself and what you’re looking for. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.