Beloved Sons Retreat, Talk 1: The Voice of the Accuser

In this first talk, Fr Michael describes some of the wounds men bear, especially the verbal wounding we receive from our dads, from siblings, bullies, and other men in our lives, as well as the harsh self-talk in which we engage every day. There is some coarse language here. “Satan,” or “Shaitan” in the original Hebrew, means “accuser,” and it is ultimately he who accuses us.

This talk was the introduction to a set of exercises which were designed to evoke the voice of the Accuser, extinguish its power, release it, repent of it, and then turn our backs on it. Having opened these wounds, we then turned to Christ and closed them using the traditional means that the Church provides us.

From the Beloved Sons Retreat, 6-8 Oct 2023, Livonia, MI. This retreat was a joint venture by the three co-hosts of “As Iron Sharpens Iron,” a podcast for Christian men found on Ancient Faith Radio. Find other episodes here:….


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