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Ep 7, What do men want?

In this video, I take a 30,000 ft view to the question of what men want. In it, I identify 5 broad desires men have and then fill in some of the details:
1. A life of meaning and great purpose,
2. A relationship with a woman and good sex,
3. Community with other men,
4. Responsibility, and
5. To feel alive.

“Courage & Masculinity”

29 Mar 2023. A talk I gave at the Iron Council’s live meetup, the Maine Event, on 9 Oct 2022, on “Courage, or How to Man Up.” I discussed: Courage, and it’s place among the four classical virtues of courage, moderation, prudence, and justice. Why courage must come first, and the definition of courage. I …

Ep. 1. What is masculinity?

26 Aug 2022. A (partial) discussion of what masculinity is. In short, masculinity is “what men want from other men.” (What women want from men is left to a later discussion.)The difference between being a “good man” and “being good at being a man.”Some qualities do men not like in other men or in themselves.Qualities …

7 Steps to Mastery

26 July 2022 An in-depth look at the 7 steps you go through to master any quality or skill:1. You can’t experience the quality as part of your own resources.2. You identify or locate the “golden quality” you’re looking for.3. You begin to experience the quality in yourself.4. You develop the courage to do the …

Men Of The World Podcast, Ep. 5

19 Oct 2021. Interview with Slovakian podcaster Jozef Mihalisin. Jozef MIHALIĊ IN (Slovakia) meets Rev. Michael BUTLER (USA) in an interview about essential masculine topics and his life journey. Who am I? Encounter with God. Fix yourself. Roman Catholic & Orthodox. Struggles of today’s men. Suicide rate. Family support. How to guide sons. The burden of …